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Canon 5d Mark II Announced
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 12:19

The war between Nikon and Canon just got a bit more interesting, with Canon throwing a few uppercuts this past month. It doesn't stop yet, with Canon's announcement of the long anticipated replacement to a their soon to be classic Canon 5d. It's replacement, officially called the Canon EOS 5d Mark II, is going to take Canon digital photography to another level. Pro photographers world wide are buzzing about this announcement. It's scheduled ship date is expected to be the end of November 2008, but any one that knows Canon's history will tell you that it will probably be pushed back a bit.

What's New In The Canon 5d Mark II?

This is the fun part of this article. There are several new features that will satisfy digital photography's hunger for cutting edge technology. Here's a list of the new key features that, in my opinion, didn't disappoint me at all.

  • 21.1 MP in crammed into a newly designed and improved full frame CMOS sensor.
  • 3 inch LCD - They upped the screen size to match the 50d and Rebel.
  • Digic 4 processor - More speed and power to run the huge amount of megapixels.
  • ISO capabilities up to 25,600. This is not a typo. How well it performs at this setting is yet to be seen, but the fact that the option is available is quite amazing.
  • HD and SD video recording - Video recording ability in and SLR? Canon is doing it and doing it right. HD video recording at a full 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 format). It will record up to 29min 59 sec per recording, or 4gb max, which ever comes first. Canon's Korean site has some sample videos posted. Check out the squirrel video, pretty clear if you ask me.
  • Live View - The ability to see what your are shooting on the LCD screen and not just through the view finder. I find it interesting that they included face auto focus and face recognition into this feature. Canon's previous versions of Live View was manual focus only.
  • Auto Light Optimizer - This is one setting I've been waiting for. The camera is now smart enough to know when certain parts of the image are exposed enough and keeps it from becoming blown out.
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System - First introduced in the Rebel XTi, Canon is now using this award winning technology in all their cameras. The sensor now rapidly vibrates to shake off any dust that has clung to it.
  • Two Small RAW Formats - If you don't need all the resolution behind the 21 mp sensor, you can now shoot in sRAW1 (10mp) and sRAW2 (5.2mp) formats. Some pictures don't need all 21 mp, especially if you're going to shoot it for web or email only.

As you can see, Canon pulled out all the tricks in their previous digital cameras, and loaded it into their new full frame 5d Mark II. We're as excited as can be for this camera. November can't come soon enough for us.


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